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  Church Services
  Horse Riding
  Volleyball /Badminton (adjacent to the Dive Centre)
  Walking & Hiking near the Resort
  Waitawala Waterslide

Church Services
The Wairiki Mission is historical Catholic mission with beautiful stained glass windows a short walk from the resort. Visitors to Fiji are welcome to attend the Sunday services with wonderful singing and inspiring atmosphere. Services are at 7am, 9am and 11am. Please wear a sulu (Fijian Skirt, ask at the Front Desk) or appropriate church clothing. A small donation is appreciated.

Horse Riding
Ride through plantations of coconut, yagona and dalo, capture spectacular views of surrounding countryside including Vuna Lagoon to the South and Somosomo Straits to the East, see the famous Twin Crater (elevation 1,000 feet) on horseback with experienced guides down by the Southern tip of Taveuni.

Suitable for beginners to experienced riders, approx 2hr ride. Entire trip will take approximately 5 hours.

International Date Line
Journey through 3 days in the matter of minutes! The International Date Line runs through Taveuni and is just a 10 minute walk to the right of Garden Island Resort. Taveuni is one of the very few land masses in the world that the meridian crosses and you are just a few minutes away – don’t miss it!

Volleyball / Badminton (adjacent to the Dive Centre)
Join the staff and other guests around 4pm for some fun or get a game going yourself.

Walking & Hiking near the Resort
Take off along the coastal road or go up into the hillsides behind the resort where the views across the Somosomo Straits are breathtaking. See the local village market gardens, small settlements, streams, and coconut groves, and enjoy the friendliness of the local people of Taveuni.

Waitavala Waterslide
Just a 25 minute walk from the resort uphill to Waitavala brings you to a natural waterslide. Join the local kids after school in this picturesque setting. Dependent on weather and tidal conditions.


These people and this place will be forever engrained in my memory.